The NFT's

The Rarities

How the cards are organized

Each card is inspired by an actual animal from Copper Kettle Farms (except for the few critters we don’t yet have). Each one is involved in a story and use on the farm that will be highlighted in the Farmer’s Acres children storybooks series.

Teal Legendary cards are the rarest and will be harder to find than the others, and the white Core Basic cards are the most common to find to build your barnyard, flocks, or homestead collections below.

There will also be a few unique versions of characters throughout the release that will be dropped randomly for those enthusiasts that are looking to create a one-of-a-kind bardyard or homestead.

The basic critter level for collectors that still benefit from extras and community involvement.

Our Moss green collectibles are uncommon and harder to find than the core level of farmer bits.

Our spectacular yellow cards are harder to find than Moss or Cores.

Rare’s are rather coveted hard to find cards to build farms and homesteads.

Dark Blue Epic cards will only have a small number available for trade.

Teal Legendary Cards are the Unicorn of the Farmer Bits collection. Only a few per style will be available, with a few surprise cards unavailable in any other color.

There will be a few unique cards with only one available that will be dropped randomly or given away to the community.

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The Collectibles

Most of the animals, all of the vegetables, herbs and predators are all part of the farm. 

Learn what cards you can collect to build your own collection or simply enjoy taking care or tending to your NFT while we build our Farm Bits community.

Grazers are animals such as cows and sheep that graze the land to keep the soil maintained and healthy.

Weed controllers are those animals that help suppress weeds so you can grow a healthy crop or garden.

Pollinators help to pollinate your vegetables and flowers so they can produce fruit. They do this by going from one plant to the other and transferring pollen while taking nectar from the flowers.

Soil Builders are macrobes and microbes that help build soil by spreading nutrients, aerating and mixing the soil for better growing.

Pest Control critters help protect the farm by consuming pests such as ticks, mice, fleas, moles, etc.

Protection animals are used to protect other livestock or crops from would-be predators.

Protein critters are raised to provide protein sources for the farm such as eggs, milk and meat.

Flower cards are necessary to provide food for Pollinators

Fruit Trees are foliage that helps a farmer build up a food orchard to keep their farm food secure.

Vegetable plants are consumables that help feed the farmer and livestock.

The predator category signifies those who prey on farm livestock and food sources.

The Categories

How each NFT is categorized for building collections

Each critter, tool, or organic on the farm is categorized into its specific use on your farm.

In order to create certain collections of Farm Bits, you need to fulfill the category with an NFT from that category.

For example, if you want to have a Garden, you need a pollinator card which could be a bird, dragonfly, or honeybee. If you want to create a barnyard, you need a certain number of animals from different categories to complete that set.

Create Collections with your cards

The Clubs

Barnyard CLub

Homestead Club

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The Storybook Club

The Collections

The Orchard

A Flock

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Vegetable Plot

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