The Storybooks

The Farmer's Acres Series

The Farmer’s Acres is a Marvel-esqu, cross-pollinating story series meant for children that covers and educates children on farm-life while simultaneously supporting the Farmer Bits NFT collection.

In this series, the stories themselves are from the perspective of the animals and how their day-to-day life operates and supports the Farmer. It aims to be both educational for the children to understand the role of the animal on the farm and also how to care for the animals.

In addition to the storybooks, adults and children alike will also be able to own a certified NFT collectible of their favorite part of the farm.

The series is set to begin launch in 2022.

Some of our Characters

Mrs. Cluck
Blue Boy

Farmer Bits Extras

E-Book Version of latest release

When you invest in your Farmer Bits NFT collectible as a Tier 1 (first owner), you will be gifted with a copy of the most recent release book in ePub format.

Credit within Books

Each NFT investor has the option to be immortalized in the dedication of the book release after their purchase. These can also include your own URL's to projects, businesses or websites.

STorybook Collectors Gift

Each NFT owner that builds a storybook collection of their particular chosen "Farmer's Acres" book, will receive a hard-copy of the book as a gift.

The Book Releases

I am still finalizing the names of each individual book along with the covers and, of course, writing the books. But we do intend to release the Chicken book first.