The Roadmap

Our Goals

As full-time farmers as well as full-time geeks, there’s no way we could abandon the project that is essentially our daily lives. Crystal is a moderator on the VeeFriends Discord and very well embedded in the NFT community that has sprung from the VeeFriends launch. Her dedication shows through her continual contributions to that community as a whole.

Farmer Bits will continually provide value for its members through education, book sales, new gifts, community building, and other goodies as the community thrives.

You are part of our farm and garden, and we intend to nourish it.

Ready to visit the farm?

See what is currently listed on Opensea

1. Purchase Farmer bit

Find the perfect Farmer Bit to start building your farm to be profitable.

2. Build a Collection

Build a collection of Farmer Bits to begin creating your digital farm structure.

3. Manage your Farm

Build community with other farmers and join clubs to create a profit with your farm.

The Roadmap

Our roadmap for the Farmer Bits project is multi-faceted. Not only are we building a community of farm enthusiasts by utilizing our very own farm and our animals to support this, but we’re creating a whole farm universe for kids to enjoy for generations.

Here are just some of the releases we will be supporting. We may add additional items to this list, but these are already set in stone.

Stage 2: We Release 5 Legendary Single Releases

When 25% of the farmer bits are sold, we'll release 5 golden egg tokens on opensea.

25% Sold

Stage 3: Merch Store Unlocked

Once half of the farmer bits are sold, we'll launch a merch store so you can purchase gear and represent your grass roots and dirty boots.

50% Sold

Stage 4: The Big Payoff

At this point, the farm is paid for and life is about giving back to the land and the Farmer Bits.

We'll make our first big donation to our chosen charities.

69% Sold

Stage 5: We Giveaway 5 Legendary Single Releases

When we've hit this marker, we're giving away 5 Golden Egg tokens to 5 random lucky Farmer Bit NFT holders

75% Sold

Final Release

We release the Mr. Ed NFT.

We make another donation to the charities of choice.

99% Sold


Once all NFT's are sold, we're focusing on the aftermarket by supporting our clubs and charities. With endless utility and Farmer Bits member royalties on both the secondary sales and book releases, we're continually giving back to the community.

100% Sold


We have tons of plans for the aftermarket of Farmer Bits. These are just a few things we have planned for the Aftermarket Roadmap.

The Metaverse

Farming in the metaverse? Yes, this is a plan.

Education & Classes

Understanding Regenerative Agriculture, how it can help save the climate and our planet, and how you can be a part of it. Soil Consulting and webinars will be available for token holders

Brand Collaboration

We're going after all the brand collaborations to help grow the Farmer Bits community with some household names.

Supporting Healing The Earth

Your purchase of our Farmer Bits NFT Project will also help support various charities that are built around helping farmers or agricultural research

The Charities

Rodale Institute is growing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education.

The Club Perks

Homestead Club

Farmers who have joined the Homestead Club will receive 2% of all secondary sale royalties for the life of ownership.

Storybook Club

Storybook Collectors will receive 2% of all Farmers Acres book sales for the life of ownership.

Barnyard & Garden Clubs

Barnyard and Garden Club Members will be eligible to receive random drops of ETH or an NFT.